Charlwood Aquatics is a family run business located in the picturesque village of Charlwood on the borders of Surrey and West Sussex, 5 minutes from the Gatwick exit of the M23.

We are also the home of the online shop Aquatics to Your Door.
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With 50 years experience in the industry, from ponds, to aquariums, to water features. We have all the angles covered.

We stock a large selection of dry goods in the shop area including pumps, U.V's, Liners, treatments, fish food and many other products.



With 300 tropical tanks, specialising in Malawi Cichlids, and a marine section, Charlwood Aquatics caters for everything the warm water enthusiast could require.

There is also a large selection of ornamental coldwater fish stocked, these include Goldfish, Sarrasa, Shubunkin, Orfe, Rudd, Grass Carp, Tench and Sturgeon.

However where Charlwood Aquatics really excels is our breathtaking Koi selection, with numerous display ponds, showing over 10,000 Koi. It's not hard to see why Charlwood Aquatics is England's leading Koi centre..

In addition to this, 60,000 gallons of purpose built quarantine and conditioning ponds ensure you only buy happy healthy fish.

Weekly shipments and Koi buying trips each year promises you a selection of Koi unrivalled in the UK.


Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday 10am- 4pm

Wednesday - Saturday-  10am- 4.30pm

Sunday- 11am- 4pm